The Oasis Luxury Residences

The greater the opportunity, the greater the possibilities

From breathtaking views of Lake Okanagan to smart living options and environmentally responsible construction standards, our mission is to deliver a lifestyle experience that not only surpasses expectations but redefines them entirely.

The Project

Comprised of 24 luxury apartment homes, Oasis Luxury Residences on Okanagan Lake represents the very best of luxury lakeside living, steps away from parks, beaches and more.


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The Scenario

Situated in picturesque Summerland, just 30 minutes south of Kelowna, Oasis Luxury Residences on Okanagan Lake will soon become the valley’s most desired address. Through masterful design and planning, Oasis will transcend convention and transform the lives of its residents.

The Inspiration

With Oasis, we know we are creating something truly special. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to construct a luxury residence that rivals some of the most desired and sought-after properties on the planet.

We have spent years planning, sourcing materials, and finding inspiration to bring our vision to life, and make Oasis the most iconic residence in the Okanagan Valley. From the shores of Malibu to the opulence of Monte Carlo and the luxury residences of Hong Kong and Shanghai, our vision was to bring a world-class building to the heart of Summerland.

Every detail, inside and out, was carefully chosen to exude the unique character and opulence of that vision. Each floorplan was painstakingly designed to produce a warm, tranquil, and modern space for any lifestyle, perfect for a quiet day of relaxation or a night of unforgettable entertainment.

With Oasis, we left nothing to chance and spared no expense in the tireless pursuit of our vision.

We refused to compromise, and neither should you.

Rising above the shores of Lake Okanagan, Oasis sets a new standard of luxury.

A joint-venture between the Coventry Group of Companies and Cormode & Dickson, Oasis Luxury Residences was created with a single, unifying vision: to build an iconic addition to the Summerland shoreline.

With its refined architecture, masterclass construction, and expertly curated finishes, Oasis strikes a perfect balance between interior and exterior beauty. This feat of design is poised to become one of Summerland’s most sought-after addresses.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, the Coventry Group of Companies has over 43 years of experience in land acquisition as well as residential and commercial construction. Coventry Homes, the residential construction arm of the Group, has built nearly 5,000 homes in Edmonton and the surrounding area. As Founder and CEO Henri Rodier explains, “our guiding purpose is to enrich people’s lifestyle.” Through thoughtful design, painstaking attention to detail, and a commitment to superior construction standards, the Coventry Group of Companies is excited to bring the vision for Oasis to the shores of Summerland.

Founded in 1962, Cormode & Dickson has become one of Canada’s most respected and accomplished general contractors. Based on a simple yet powerful mission statement, “to make every customer a repeat customer,” Cormode & Dickson has always committed its unrivalled experience and expertise to every project.

With our team of experts, residents of Oasis can rest assured of the uncompromising quality and masterful attention to detail that went into each facet of their home.

Welcome to your own personal Oasis.